Iolo System Auto Technician Ultimate Defense Review


Iolo System Auto technician Ultimate Defense may be the new reputation for Iolo Phoenix 360 – their all-in-one PC cleanup and security suite – but it’s received even more than only a new name since our 2018 review. It presently has a brand new design which brings it consistent with Iolo’s other software, plus new tools to tackle modern online threats.

iolo Phoenix 360 Review

Whereas other versions of System Auto technician are chiefly centered on enhancing your PC’s performance, Ultimate Defense is another fully-fledged security suite for safeguarding you against online threats.

Additionally to Iolo’s PC cleanup tools (which we’ve rated highly in the past reviews), miracle traffic bot includes anti-virus, a safe and secure password manager, a drive wiper, anti-tracking tools for the internet browser, adware and spyware recognition and removal, along with Get PC optimization tool here.

PC Optimization

If you’ve used an Iolo System Auto technician product before, the interface is going to be immediately familiar, but packed that has a lot more icons and options. System Mechanic’s desltop still puts system optimization in the forefront, prompting you to definitely scan your computer for unnecessary files, damaged registry records and much more.

The Fast Scan option checks for temporary files, and just requires a couple of seconds, as the Deep Scan also checks for unnecessary startup processes, registry issues and sub-optimal Home windows settings.

One thing we love to best about System Auto technician is the amount of detail is provides about each scan result. You are able to drill right lower to find information on each file, and why you need to consider removing (or keeping) it. This even pertains to startup programs, that are given a residential area rating that will help you decide if you should permit them to run.

If you are lacking time or otherwise too confident, System Auto technician are capable of doing a cleanup instantly, only removing files and ending processes that won’t hinder your everyday PC use, however for more knowledgeable users, the amount of fine control is indeed a boon.

Security And Privacy

Whenever we reviewed Iolo Phoenix 360, our couple of complaints was it felt such as the Privacy Protector element should participate System Auto technician – and it is now. The tool does not need to become installed individually, and it is only a look away. This can be a welcome change which makes the program suite feel a lot more cohesive.

Privacy Protector functions by stopping fingerprinting. This can be a technique that advertisers may use to trace you online without use of any private information much like your current email address. Rather, it uses your PC’s unique system configuration (which basically works just like a unique signature) to follow along with your browsing activity.

Some browsers (for example Firefox) now include anti-fingerprinting built-in, but it’s still not even close to mainstream, so something like Privacy Protector is an extremely welcome one.

Privacy Protector also identifies and deletes tracking cookies out of your system, though you may choose to whitelist cookies from certain sites to avert being logged from your accounts.

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